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ISTD Latin-American Syllabus Jive

ISTD Latin-American Syllabus Jive

Категория: Лекции

Подкатегория: Латина

Звуковая дорожка: Ru, Eng

Продолжительность: 1 час 14 мин

Размер: 3.5 Gb

ISTD Latin-American Dance Faculty Official Syllabus and Technique Presented by Lorna Lee
These DVDs are designed to complement the technique book by showing you the visual of all the syllabus steps with correct technique demonstrated by world's leading dance couples. It will be a valuable reference for every Amateur or Professional dancer. Each ISTD syllbus figure is demonstrated step-by-step showing how the figures are constructed. They are danced with and without music incorporating Lead, Shape and Style. Alternative endings and developments are also included. The DVD is a useful reference not only for examination training, but also for training competitors who dance restricted syllabus. If you are in any doubt as to how a basic figure should be danced you can click straight to the figure in question without searching through lots of text.
Demonstrated by: Alex Ivanets & Lisa Bellinger-Ivanets and Ralf Muller & Olga Muller-Omeltchenko Basic in place Fallway Rock ( & development) Fallaway throwaway (also overturned) Link (& alternatives) Change of places (Left to Right) Change of places (Right to Left) Change of Hands behind the back Hip Bump (Left shoulder shove) American Spin Walks Stop & Go (& development) Mooch (& development) Whip Whip Throwaway Reverse Whip Windmill Spanish Arms Rolling off the Arm (& alternatives) Simple Spin (& development) Miami special Curly Whip Shoulder Spin Toe Heel Swivels Chugging Chicken walks (& development) Catapult Stalking Walks, Flicks & Break

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