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Dance to Your Maximum
Dance to Your Maximum

Dance to Your Maximum

Автор: Maximiliaan Winkelhuis

Язык: English

Exhausting workouts alone are not enough to become a great ballroom dancer. There are many tasks that require effective solutions. This book will help you. It is practical, full of examples, exercises and personal tests to turn your fears and difficulties into opportunities. She will give you everything you need to prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for competitive dancing.
Maximiliaan Winkelhuis

List of topics covered in the book:
What counts during the competition
Stress and preparation
Best productions
Use of keywords
9 step model
Competition score
Personal control
Season planning
Choreography planning
Competition selection
Practical Training Tips
Career planning
Setting personal goals
Define who you are
Decide what you really want
Define what you can
The importance of the concept
Long term plans

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The book has 336 pages.

A print edition in English can be purchased at https://www.dsi-london.com

English eBook available. Price 20 USD.

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