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Service in Leadership: What is Your Agenda?
Service in Leadership: What is Your Agenda?

Service in Leadership: What is Your Agenda?

Автор: Martha Harper & Denis Parfyonov

Язык: Русс/Англ

Denis and Martha have experienced people serving them and at the same time leading them. They identified what traits they needed to develop to be effective leaders. They present probing questions and real-life examples to help you evaluate and consider if you are up for the challenge of service in leadership. This book is not for the weak of heart. It calls you to have the courage to grow and change. Even if you are a leader, are you willing to evaluate yourself and raise the bar of expectation? Are you the type of person someone wants to model themselves after? Whether in your family, in your community or church, in a business or organization, can you serve while leading to motivate others to serve for the benefit and development of the whole?

What do you see? Is there a disconnect between the members of the group and the leader? Is there a lack of respect for the leader or have they just lost focus? Where’s the teamwork element? Do the project members understand their accountability to the leader?

Using your own experiences and insight, we offer you some points to identify problems and initiate some corrective action to move your project and committee forward to a productive result.

The book is available in eBook versions in English and Russian.
Price is 10USD.

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